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Reefer Madness by theflamingalberto

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A Bone to Pick
#23: Sans & Papyrus: Undertale…

Truly a pair who need no introduction... because Papyrus will give it without asking, and Sans won't care to... but that's besides the point! By now everyone and their mother (goat or the non-goat variety) knows who these two boneheads are, even if it's to a slightly problematic level, but hey I still love these two and Undertale, so much that I immediately set out to cosplay Papyrus the moment I saw him and that it's among my top ten favorite games of all time, thus why they got put into this year's Top Ten; fitting, no?

As I'm sure it comes as no surprise, the skeleton brothers were what got me into the game, or much more specifically Bonetrousle. I had seen them here and there and I mean anything with skeleton, especially the 'spooky and or scary' kind is sure to get my attention, but it wasn't until I happened upon the "Bonescuffle" remix of Papyrus' theme that I knew I had to look into this game, and is the first PC game I've ever played entirely. (not much of a PC gamer here, but this kinda got me more into it)

So why include these guys? ...seriously, why are you asking that? I kinda just gave solid reason, like the fact that they're living skeletons wasn't reason enough! Well if I'm to be frank, one reason was because I had never drawn these two in the villainous role. Yeah, I mean by now we all think of Sans and Papyrus as our goofy pals which of course they're supposed to be, but let's not forget that these two technically start (or end, depending on the route you take) as villains... in a sense. Okay, so the whole Megalovania bit is pretty fucking played out to death now with Sans and sadly masks his usual derpy, slothful nature which a little annoying buuuut I had never drawn him in that vain before so I figured why not!

I've drawn these two a bit already but I have to say this is easily my favorite so far and one of my favorites among this countdown. Definitely fitting of a top ranking spot... but in the end, it's still Sans and Papyrus, so they can't get too high up there, despite what Papyrus would want you to think!
#22: Mayor of Halloween Town: Nightmare Before Christmas…

So by now, seeing something Nightmare Before Christmas/Tim Burton related in these countdowns (or just in general) is nothing special, but my focus tends to stick to the actual villain roles, like Oogie Boogie and Lock, Shock and Barrel, or instead on Jack Skellington himself as he's the literal representative of this holiday, but in that I've always overlooked another character. One with an actual official title! Sure, he may only be an elected official, but he's still the mayor of the entire holiday of Halloween! He deserves some recognition for that and what better then to kick start this year's Top Ten!

Honestly, the mayor has always been one of my favorite supporting characters from Nightmare Before Christmas, which is funny as when I first saw art of him when I was a kid he scared me shitless! Yes, there was a time when the mere thought of Nightmare Before Christmas scared the Hell out of me! Yes! Me! Can you believe it! Granted a lot of that fear came from the films overall negative reception when it first came out, due to just how unorthodox it is... but another big part was that I was unbelievably squeamish and easily frightened as a child; funny how things change.

That said, I distinctly remember the first time I watched Nightmare Before Christmas and gearing myself up for when the mayor would show up. By then I had seen a good deal of the characters and found them all perfectly fine, but I still retained a bit of that childhood fear of the mayor... only to immediately laugh upon his intro. In a fraction of a second that one character changed from something that creeped me out to something I loved! Some of this I do blame on the fact that in Tim Burton's art, the mayor looks a lot more disturbing, the stop-motion model did him much more justice and made him look more silly! He has a great design, that rotating head was such a unique look and a great way to convey the two-faced politician, so of course I had to give him the most fitting number of 22~
#21: Coily the Spring Sprite: A Case of Spring Fever… "Why look! It's Coily's army of darkness!"

In this world there are certain unquestionable laws that all beings residing in it must abide by. One of those laws is that for every solitary physical object in this plain there equally exists a demonic hell sprite created for the soul purpose of punishing and damning poor ignorant souls to the depths for stupidly wishing that said object did not exist... this is just basic knowledge that we all know.

I've always been a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, I don't think this is news to anyone especially since I realized through going over my gallery here that I have enough art based on the series that I could sufficiently make a folder just for it! While it's definitely hard to rate what is the "best movie or short" I can safely say that a Case of Spring Fever is among the top 5! It's just so absurd and subtly terrifying that it's a shame I never included Coily prior to this, though in truth I was probably just silently horrified that I'd incur his wrath if I did.

Just shy of missing out in a placing for the Top Ten this year and in someways I feel he should have placed; he actually did but this year has been the most chaotic for me in my placing of a countdown, in fact some have changed their placing right before the day they were planned, but I digress. This year had some of the hardest choices as to who would rank Ton Ten or even Final Five. I had way too many good choices, several I should have added long ago and others that just deserved that ranking above others. I did my best to avoid joke ones for it and even then I still feel some that got a lower ranking deserved a higher placement. You'll see what I mean as the day progress, but until then 'don't EVER make the wish again!'
Reefer Madness
#20: Smoke Guy: Cartoon All-Stars To the Rescue…

My friends... I have learned of something recently. I have learned of an evil that exists right under our very noses that very mat well threaten our very way of life. Yes, the wool has been pulled from my eyes ladies and gentlemen, too long have I thought that the old 80's special "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue" was the worst thing in the history of anything ever (and it is!) but I was a blinded fool. Blind to the evil that is biding it's time right here in the good ole' U S of A. Evil has a name my friends... and that name is... REEFER!

It's true, I once thought to add in this bloke here as one of the bottom rungs on the Halloween Countdown ladder, but after learning just how vile and malicious this marijuana fiend is well... I knew I had to give it a higher placing as a warning to all the naive innocence out there, to protect them from it's grasp. Yes, I very well should have put this as the winner of this year's countdown, for nothing is as terrifying as the power of "Mary Jane" but well, again, Cartoon All-Starts To the Rescue IS the worst thing in the history of anything ever!

This did originate as a joke and intended to place him at no. 2, but I recently learned of the Reefer Madness musical, much in the vain of Little Shop of Horrors, it's an over-the-top farce of the original source material and absolutely hilarious (also I couldn't resist a 4/20 joke for a character that is literal personified pot smoke!) I always remembered this guy, but Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue had a very opposite effect on me, that being that this was the only cartoon I liked. It was sort of novel in a way, it was almost like this thing was specifically made for me to despise it because somehow out of ALL the cartoons available in that era, the creators of this crappy short managed to utilize almost exclusively the cartoons I couldn't stand as a kid, that or ones that made no sense giving an anti-drug message. Like, why the hell would Slimer, an undead being of gluttony care if you got wasted? And why of all the ninja turtles did the choose Mikey? I'm pretty sure that guy wakes and bakes every day!

But as for the smoke guy? I always thought he looked cool! Like, really, look at him! Way more effort was put into animating him then any of the other characters in this, it's pretty comedic! Otherwise, this was, as stated twice already "the worst thing in the history of anything ever" and I have always hated it, it's one of the cringiest things put to animation. I mean I can sort of commend what it was trying to do, but Christ, could they have presented it any better? Oh well. Enjoy my inappropriate drug humor!
The Devil Wears Prada
#19: HIM: Powerpuff Girls…

Okay, but seriously this time how the HELL have I not added HIM into a countdown until now? Like... really, what's wrong with me? I've added in Mr. Mime and the Rowdyruff Boys, but not HIM? The most fabulous incarnation of pure evil since Pitch from Santa Claus? If you're ashamed in me, that's okay, I'm ashamed with myself! But hey, better late then never and now with the Powerpuff Girls reboot out and thoroughly bastardizing and raping and that was once good with the series-(and that's not all it's wanting to rape apparently, I'm looking at you Jake Goldman~)-it's a good time to sit back and recall what made the series good to begin with, that being a good ole' does of nightmare fuel!

While HIM on the surface is outright funny, what his overall appearance, the show never held back with just how disturbing and terrifying this character could be and was one of the many factors that established the feel of the show, that being cute things in an otherwise harsh, dark world. It never ceased to amaze me how few punches they pulled with HIM, while other villains usually remained more comically over the top, HIM was always taken with a much more sincere air that made what he was doing much more wrong and messed up and the fact that he was shown multiple times to easily be capable of dominating the world if one little thing went wrong for the girls was definitely a testament to his strength and I think that's why I always loved when he showed up, because it almost always symbolized that shit was getting real... that and he could be hilarious a lot of times too.

Powerpuff Girls is one of the late, great hits of a bygone era and it's such a shame that no one seems to understand what made it such a god series to begin with. Whether it be a misguided attempt and recreating it in Japan, or bleeding it dry to fit today's sensibilities (or being horribly naive to them in many cases) it's sad to see such a once great series be put through the ringer... kinda like the Sonic the Hedgehog of cartoons, I guess you could say. But I digress! HIM is a great villain and something I should have given a shout out to years ago, so here ya go!


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